Think Before You Act by Mrs. Sherwood, Geo. S. Appleton, D. Appleton 1849.

Think Before You Act.

Children ask their grandfather for a true story to while away the six hours their mother must be gone. He leads them to think about truth in history as he tells them the story of the Welsh King Llewelyn and of Robinson Crusoe. This must have made an elegant little present for Mary Alice Caroline Krumbhaar from Aunt Helen. Copyright date is the year George Appleton, who had been publishing in Philadelphia, joined his brothers in their father's New York firm.  Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



21466 Where Was the Little White Dog? by Johnson.

Where Was the Little White Dog?

A very sweet continuous story of a little white dog, perhaps some kind of terrier, who went along on a visit to Grandfather's farm with Fred and then got lost. Each of the 12 chapters telling of his adventures has an illustrated half title and small decorations and illustrations with 3-5 detailed little rebus drawings in text as well. Nice animal illustrations by a turn of the century artist and illustrator, (not the famous animal illustrator Margaret S. Johnson, who would have been 8 years old in 1901.)
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20848 Dawn by Shulevitz.


Opens with a small dark watercolour oval, which expands page after page as the dawn light grows . In this quiet magic the boy and his grandfather get up and go fishing on the lake. Note: This book is SOLD.



The Magic Grandfather.

Other people sensed that Sam's grandfather was somehow different, but only Sam knew of the magic he could perform. One day, Sam accidentally let his grandfather go to another world ... Then Sam needed to know some magic fast.



Junius Over Far.

Junius, lovingly raised by his grandfather, misses him terribly when he returns to the island of his youth. Grandfatha's letters become increasingly disoriented & Junius & his father fly down. Junius finds his Caribbean heritage. Wonderful language. Note: This book has been sold.




A very little girl chats with her granpa as they go about all sorts of interesting activities. A wordless ending with an empty chair.



Mr. Jordan in the Park.

Warm paintings in soft colours illustrate Mr. Jordan's day, and his life, in the park.



The Last Run by Mark Jonathan Harris.

The Last Run.

Lyle, 14, eagerly accompanies his grandfather into the Nevada hills to stalk a mustang stallion.
Note: This book has been sold.



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