Paji by Esther Kiviat / Harold Price, ill. McGraw-Hill, 1946, 1st printing.


Paji ran away from his elephant carving job at his uncle's Big Cheap Elephant Factory. He and his dreamy bullock friend Push-ba ran to an ancient dagoba and there Paji made beautiful carvings, each different. A charming story in fluid three colour lithos.



Robert Francis Weatherbee. written/illus by Munro Leaf. Lippincott (1935).

Robert Francis Weatherbee.

The absurd story of RFW who refused to go to school, but, at last as grown-up, realized that his career options were limited so he Went To School and learned to read and write and count and had a good time. The end. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Fly Away, Watchbird! written & illus by Munro Leaf. Stokes 1941, 1st printing.

Fly Away, Watchbird!

More cautionary watchbird stories, the Full-Mouth, the Pouter, the Flitter, the Won't Try.... When the children have overcome these little faults, the watchbirds will fly away.



Mean Margaret.

The woodchucks are such kind parents, they hardly deserve baby Margaret, who comes into their home and grows and grows! A classic tale.



There's an Elephant in the Bathtub.




The Little White Hen and the Emperor of France (Henne Blanche Soldat des Kaisers).

The little hen is drafted into a war between the Emperor of France and the Tzar, so she and her friend the farmer set out to carry one cannon ball to Russia. A funny story, told in cartoon frames, about the futility of war.



Albert and his Adventures.

Albert is teased at school for dreaming, and in truth he finds himself in odd places, like the doghouse, because of it. Flat simple pictures of Albert's farm and the countryside.



Hilding's Summer.

The city summer adventures (falling in a manhole, getting lost) of three young children. Set in Stockholm.



Sophie Hits Six.

More funny stories about Sophie, who is determined to become a farmer.



Agaton Sax and Lispington's Grandfather Clock.

The famous detective comes to the aide of his friend, Inspector Lispington, who is trapped in his own house. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



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