Martha Calling.

What better use for people language than to enter a contest on the phone!



Uncle Louie's Fantastic Sea Voyage.

Uncle Louie is rebuilding a paddle steamer in his junk yard so that he can sail it to Africa, and Rusty figures out a way to go with him. Loof's detailed animated cartoonlike illustrations add to the fun! Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Mr. Top.

Mr. Top views a robbery from his pastoral home atop a NYC skyscraper and a farcical chase throughout New York ensues. Krahn's cartoons are laid out in two frames to a page.



The People Zoo.

"Outside the bars the beasts reflect/On the almost animal intellect."



Soup on Wheels.

Just look at the cover.. a barrel with two kids in zebra-leg costumes racing down the hill on skates .. and you know it's another hilarious Soup and Rob adventure.



The Downhill Crocodile Whizz and other stories.

Ten funny stories.



Agaton Sax and the Scotland Yard Mystery.

A funny tale about one of Scotland Yard's lesser known detectives.



Caps For Sale.

A "Tale of a Peddler, Some Monkeys and Their Monkey Business." Note: This Book Has Been SOLD.



The Terrible Troll-Bird.

The enormous troll bird glares with his evil (yet silly!) expression at the people below. But when these people shoot and eat him, his true troll owners arrive. The d'Aulaire's lithos are drawn with beeswax on Bavarian limestone.



The Bad Boy and O. N. T. Clark's Spool Cotton, circa 1870.

The Bad Boy and O. N. T.

Hilarious drawings by an uncredited artist. The bad boy licks all the labels off his sister's O. N. T. Clark's Spool Cotton and applies them in imaginative places! In "Big Brother gets his Girl's Picture" the brother is holding an envelope with the signature of the famous celebrity photographer Napoleon Sarony, 1821 - 1896, but opens it to find his beloved's face covered by a label. The Bad Boy's tricks are such a hit that at the end of the pamphlet, we see him writing away for more. The relationship, if any, between Clark and Sarony is puzzling. Clark died in 1873; Sarony started his photography studio around 1866, but was already well known as a lithographer, thus our [ca 1870] dating.



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