Flambards by K. M. Peyton.


Christina Parsons, an orphan, goes to live with her Uncle Russell and cousins Mark and Will at Flambards, a rambling and decaying mansion in rural England. Here pre-WWI values, the hunt, the class system, meet modern life, airplanes, informality. Guardian Award.   Note: This book has been sold.



20463 Nanook of the North - Flaherty/photos.

Nanook of the North.

Stills from the famous black and white film, well arranged and edited.



2172 Whistling-Two-Teeth and the forty-nine buffaloes. - Naomi Averill

Whistling-Two-Teeth and the forty-nine buffalos.

The chief's little grandson had a dream that led the tribe to enough buffalo for all their needs. Beautiful lithos inspired by Native American paintings. The Maine author illustrated two children's books and the historical series by Peattie.



Wolf Hunt.

"A stump-toed wolf becomes a symbol as well as prey to the two hunters stalking it.



Hunter in the Dark.

Mike Rankin, stricken with leukemia, revives his old dream of going out into the bush. Set in Canada.



Pensees d'un enthousiaste.

Pensees d'un enthousiaste.

Not for sale, from our own collection. I am listing this in the hope of finding out more about its illustrator. Wonderful swift sketches of horses in the field and stable, this essay on the hunt begins quoting Jorrocks and ends with English, "May you hunt forever." Several pages are addressed to women riders. Lovely paper and coloration. This book is available  from in Kindle, with not quite the same ambiance! In French, its original language. A copy, inscribed in 1916, exists as a contribution to the biodiversity library by the Webster Family Library of Veterinary Medicine ( Veterinary Library's copy part of the John A. Seaverns Equine Collection. Additional jpgs available.



Tiny Tutak (Eventyr om Vesle Tutak)

Tiny Tutak wants to hunt just like his father Big Tutak so he captures a huge walrus with the help of his animal friends. Wonderful ink drawings on a very white background with red and blue touches on the clothes and ice shadows. Note: This book has been sold.



Isfendiar and the Bears of Mazandaran.

A boy in Northern Iran leaves his family and grow up to become a guide for rich hunters. See also Isfendiar and the Wild Donkeys.



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