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22291 Tulifäntchen der Zvergheld. - Immerman/ /Elsa Eisgruber.

Tulifäntchen der Zvergheld.

Retold for children: "A satirical verse epic in three parts by K. L. Immermann, published in 1830. It tells the story of a valiant little knight, the son of Don Tulifant"



22306 So Leben Wir in der Stadt. - Keussen.

So Leben Wir in der Stadt.

Very detailed and interesting pictures run across entire spread to board edges and are seen from an angle above: the interior of a well run house; a city square; a street scene with hospital, church, and schools; a train station; a park and building site; a community garden. Lots to observe.



22302 Tierfabeln - Fleischer /Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel.


Sixty-five very short fables with striking artwork on heavy paper by Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel, an internationally known artist. His animal woodcut collection began with a frieze for a nursery in Brussels. He added to these and drew on them for the 25 woodcuts in this book.



22307 So Leben Wir auf dem Land. /Keussen

So Leben Wir auf dem Land.

Very detailed pictures run across entire spread to board edges in a sometimes confusing mix of older and modern ways: a large farmhouse cut away interior, haying, activities near a river mouth, wheat harvest, a farmyard in late summer, a village square outside church in autumn, foresters, winter activity.



22316 Schattenbilder. - Avenarius


Expressive silhouettes above children's poems.



22317 Schatten von Liliput.-  Karl Frolich

Schatten von Liliput.

Charming illustrations after the unbelievably fine silhouettes by Karl Frölich 1821 - 1898.



22312 Liebe Kindlein, kauft ein! - Goethe et all/Nussbaumer, 1950

Liebe Kindlein, kauft ein!

Short poems from Goethe, Fredrich Büll, Heinrich Hoffmann von Pallersleben, Johann Friedrich Reichardt, Johannes Trojan, C. Reineth, Wilhelm Hey, Peter Cornelius, Christian Morgenstern, and traditional rhymes. Bright, flat illustrations with fine black outline.



22310 Mäuschen Tippeltapp - Burger./Fritz Baumgarten

Mäuschen Tippeltapp.

The hero, a field mouse, finds a pretty white mouse in a gift box in the playroom. They have fun exploring until she is caught in a box trap! What to do...



22303 Prinzesschen im Walde - Sibylle von Olfers.

Prinzesschen im Walde.

Beautiful pictures of the princess and the little people of the wood and the stars who cared for her.



22288 Kasperl mit der winduhr. - Mühlenweg, Fritz and Elisabeth. (1959/1956)

Kasperl mit der winduhr.

The adventures of the puppet Kasperl, here a boy, and Mucki the evil magician in the circus and in Africa. Drawings on every page, most in colour. Some stereotypes.



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