16275 Professor Branestawm's Great Revolution by Hunter.

Professor Branestawm's Great Revolution and other incredible adventures.

More amazing stories! Where are my glasses?; B.'s Portable Car Park; Prof. B. on the Scrap Heap; The Pipes of Pandemonium; Mrs. Flittersnoop's Birthday Present. Hunter's first two books were from the 30's; the later ones after retirement in the 70's.



Mr. Pink and the House on the Roof.

The story of Mr. Pink, button manufacturer, who looks at modern conveniences with disdain, and that includes zippers! When the Copley's ask permission to build a house, then a garden, then a tennis court on the large factory roof, he begins to change. Nice Christmas pictures at the end of the book, with Mr. Pink arriving on the snowy roof for the celebration.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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