A Letter to Grandma. (A Letter to Granny UK)

A little girl daydreams about her house and yard becoming an island in the ocean, and her grandmother understands.



Junius Over Far.

Junius, lovingly raised by his grandfather, misses him terribly when he returns to the island of his youth. Grandfatha's letters become increasingly disoriented & Junius & his father fly down. Junius finds his Caribbean heritage. Wonderful language. Note: This book has been sold.



The Wind is Not a River.

When a village on the island of Attu, near the coast of Alaska, is attacked by Japanese soldiers, two Aluet children escape and live off the land, using the Old Ways taught them by their grandmother.



My Sister Sif.

Erika returns with her sister to a tropical island paradise, where dolphins swim with people and the volcano is regarded as a kind of a resident pet, but the modern world threatens this paradise.



The Little Island.

Intense colours in this early edition.



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