The Village Tree, written and illustrated by Taro Yashima, 1st printing. SIGNED

The Village Tree.

Yashima's third book, memories of his childhood painted and written for his daughter Momo. Life for children in his village centered around a huge tree. SIGNED AND INSCRIBED BY AUTHOR/ARTIST IN ENGLISH AND JAPANESE WITH DRAWING OF CHILD FLYING KITE AND CHOP Note: This Book has been sold.



The Very Hungry Caterpillar. (Japanese edition)

The Japanese calligraphy brings out the handsome design of this book.



The Golden Thread by Sasaki by Tazu Sasaki /Etsuro Suzuki, ill

The Golden Thread: Japanese Stories for Children.

The Boy and the Little Badger, Ko-chan Who Rode a Shrike, The Woodpecker and the Soap Bubbles, Sae-chan's "Road of Time", The Golden Thread and the Rainbow, How Far Does the Wax-Stone Road Go, White Bonnet Hill.



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