Chez Tante Gertrude written and illustrated by Jean Manfredi, Falmmarion [1935].

Chez Tante Gertrude: une joyeuse journee....

Aunt Gertrude keeps a school: on the first page we see the moms bringing their little ones, next her little pupils sit in a circle and watch her intently. A great book. Note: This book has been SOLD.



I Am Leaper.

Leaper, a kangaroo rat, came to the Environmental Research lab on a mission, to communicate with humans and enlist their help in defeating "the monster." Using a tape, scientists could understand her, but she and Julian could transmit thoughts. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Kankie Kangaroo ... who couldn't hop, Paul Kaloda, illus.

Kankie Kangaroo ... who couldn't hop, Paul Kaloda, illus.

Kangaroo shape book; no exterior words, only the naturalistic full coloured picture. In the roo's pocket rests a joey, who is removable and free standing. We also have Gambie Gorilla and Bruiny Bear in this mother and baby wild animal series.



Tiko the Tree Bear.

Tiko, the fat little tree bear (koala), and his friend Hopaway the kangaroo go on an adventure. The sugary writing and delicate watercolours make quite a contrast to the reality of the Bush!



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