21966 Arabella de Hemelkat Atie Siegenbeek van  Heukelom.

Arabella de Hemelkat.

By a Dutch author, illustrator, and graphic artist, who among other works, documented the women's camps in Ravensbruck from personal experience. This is the second of her two children's books; the first, Brieven aan Bernard (or Letters to Bernard), 1964, is advertized on the back inside cover. This little book, though the size of a young child's novel, is filled with handlettered text and delightful watercolour sketches of Arabella, who comes down from Heaven to comfort her small mistress.



20416 Sweet Girl Goldie by Humphrey.

Sweet Girl Goldie, a wonder story of butterfly time.

A quiet brown butterfly conceals beautiful bright lithos within of Sweet Girl Goldie and her adventures. Effusively written, but just barely a fantasy. When the little girl "rescues" her uncle's butterfly specimens and takes them out to live on the flowers, their dry bodies fall on the ground. Thinking Goldie meant harm, the Queen Butterfly calls her subjects, who seize the golden strands of the little girl's hair. But her uncle explains that he is the culprit, and from then on the butterflies flock lovingly around Goldie wherever she walks. Elizabeth Bullock Humphrey (1841 - 1889) was a noted card designer for Prang and the author/artist of several books, including Western Americana. Her child models, probably including Girl Goldie, came from her home village of Hopedale, Massachusetts. Prang mounted a retrospective and issued a book in her name after her death..



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