21419 What About Willie? LeGrand (Edy)

What About Willie?

It's a cold rainy night, Willie needs a home and Tommy needs a kitten, and they almost missed each other.



20180 The Pussycat Princess by Anthony, illus photos Frees.

The Pussycat Princess.

"The Pussycat Princess asks and receives from her royal father permission to go out into the world, taking whatever risks may befall, but for one night only." Thirty-two photographs of real puppies and kittens elaborately dressed and posed to illustrate the story. [White 576].



21443 When the Wind Blew by Brown illus Slocum.

When the Wind Blew.

The little old woman lives content, forgotten by the world, with her 17 cats and her new little kitten. But when the storm and she takes to her bed with a toothache, how she wishes for a hot water bottle. "And she felt something warm along the side of her face.... click click purr purr purr purr. What could it be?" Brown wrote this as a student teacher at the Bank Street school, under the influence of Lucy Sprague Mitchell's Here and Now philosophy, which she incorporated and transcended. An important book in American children's literature, with the original illustrations that bring out the poetry in the text. Note: This book has been SOLD.



17261 Gabriel Churchkitten  Margot Austin.

Gabriel Churchkitten

Dear Gabriel wears his thinking hat as he and his friends try and try to figure out a way to prevent Pease Porridge from walking in his sleep.



Uncle Harry.

Uncle Harry tried and tried to get rid of the stray kitten and ended up taking her in. Tiny ink pictures of activity in the town.



The Little Kitten that Would Not Wash Its Face. Deihl. In Box.

The Little Kitten that Would Not Wash Its Face.

The chauffeur gets a mother cat to be a mouser in the garage, but one of her kittens is not well behaved. NOTE: This Book has been sold.



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