Fuzzy Friends, Irma Wilde, ill.

Fuzzy Friends.

Very bright big 40's baby animals.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Un Incorrigible Minet. Hachette/Dean's Rag Books.

Un Incorrigible Minet.

A rare example of the Dean's books printed for Hachette at the turn of the century. The naughty kitten Poucet causes all sorts of trouble: he bites his mother's tail, he tangles his Mistress's yarn, he chases the sparrows; he chases the rabbit. Scarce. The English version: DWARF SERIES NO. 22 THE TALE OF A NAUGHTY PUSSIE, PICTURES BY A HANSLIP,(sic) LONDON DEAN'S RAG BOOK CO. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



One, Two and Three Kittens. anon. James & Jonathan (1948)

One, Two and Three Kittens.

The shape kittens on the covers have nice expressions and huge eyes, and they are very prettily dressed. The kittens in the rambling stories have shed their clothes. Quite an unusual little piece. Note: This book has been sold.



22028 Historien om den lille Mis. Kold/Larsen

Historien om den lille Mis

A little kitten goes exploring in the Danish countryside without her mother because she wants to catch mice herself.. With woodcut illustrations from the original watercolour illustrations by Larsen. This tale originated in 1865 in an ABC/Nursery story book.



Why Tulip Does Not Catch birds (in Russian)

Charushin was a master at creating animal drawings, full of character, so appealing, yet not "cute". If you like kittens it matters not at all that you don't speak Russian. You'll be able to see just how Tulip feels about birds!



21825 Velvet Paws Bohatta (Bohatta-Morpurgo) reprint.

Velvet Paws

A variety of cats introduce themselves in poetry... lost kittens, mother cats and kittens, howling cats, sleeping cats, mousers.



20863 Ginger Charlotte Voake.


"Charlotte Voake knows all about cats and their peculiar ways as the reader of this dear and funny book will soon find out." Watercolour and ink in browns, gingers, mauve, and greeny blue on creamy paper, unusual colours for a little child's books which work very well.



20755 Blackberry's Kitten Lettice Cooper/ Mary Shillabeer

Blackberry's Kitten.

A pleasant view of an English small town in the 60's as Jane tries her very best to place her kitten in a good home. The next door neighbor doesn't like cats, or children. Nice cat drawings similar to Newberry.



20176 Muggins Bradbury/Diana Thorne.


Muggins explored the world outside his mother's box, got into all sorts of trouble, and reformed. For the cat lover. Watercolour pictures in greys and blacks with green touches by a famous animal illustrator.



20154 Tit Tiny and Tittens The Three White Kittens McLoughlin 1860's

Tit Tiny and Tittens.

The stories of these kittens show a less romantic view of childhood, Tittens being especially naughty. The kittens' white fur shines against the saturated black background and the deep coloured objects they happen to be playing with. A variety of flowers loved by Victorians as background..



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