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22498 Crickets and Frogs by Gabriela Mistral. Bilingual book.

Crickets and Frogs, Grillos y Ranas, Gabriela Mistral.

The crickets and the frogs battle to see who can sing the loudest, a noisy battle that is never won, but now all crickets sing together. A fable with Spanish and English on facing pages, written by the great Chilean educator, children's poet; a founder of UNICEF and a Nobel Prize winner. The translator was a long time friend of Mistral and a recipient of the Order of Merit from the Chilean government. With bold sparking pictures in blue and pale yellow with heavy black lines (woodcuts?).




The epic of Lautaro, an Araucanian Indian who fought persistently and bravely for the liberation of his people. Set in 16th c Chile. Second Latin American Literary Prize, winning Juvenile
Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



20461 Tap-Tap -- Williams/Stock


Catherine Stock's illustrations are always a treat and I wish I could open up the book and look at them but I won't. Set in Haiti.



10587 Why Corn Is Golden - Blackmore/Martinez-Ostos

Why Corn Is Golden.

Guie'tiiki, The Chocolate That Turned to Stone, The Sunflower, Why Corn is Golden, Chiapaneco, Princess Xóchitl and the Aloe, Riddles. Each story introduced by a phrase from the story "Say to the Flowers: the gods summon you to the Hall of Names and Scents." One of a modern series of "Legends and Flocculates from Old Mexico," published in Mexico and illustrated in national style by Mexican artists.



9686 Tigers and Opossums - Kurtycz and García Kobeh

Tigers and Opossums: Animal Legends.

The Marriage of the Little Hummingbird, The Tiger and the Opossum, the Biguidibela, The Fly Who Dreamed That He Was an Eagle, Bigú, Better Alone Than in Bad Company. One of a modern series of "Legends and Folktales from Old Mexico," handed down over the generations, published in Mexico and illustrated in national style by Mexican Artists.



1365 The Old Lady Who Ate People - Hinojosa/Marciel.

The Old Lady Who Ate People

"Frightening Stories" The Wise Woman of Cordoba, The Voice of the Dead, The Chontal Giant, and the title story. A nice copy of this Mexican series with astounding mythic paintings by a young Mexican artist.



6128 Jungle People - Louise and Richard Floethe.

Jungle People.

"Story of the Brave Blacks at Suriname," who escaped plantation slavery, stood up to government soldiers, and learned to survive in the jungle. Floethe's intricate, rhythmic watercolours show the daily life of these people and their African traditions. Binding is too tight to scan full pictures.



10506 Gregorio and the White Llama - Bannon.

Gregorio and the White Llama.

Gregorio longs to drive the llama train to the mill by himself, but he can't keep from falling asleep. Bright colours and detailed pictures of Andean costumes and artifacts.



7379 Fairy Tales of Mexico - Wilson

Fairy Tales of Mexico.

Four tales: How the Basilisk Got His Crest; The Legend of the Mountain; The Thief in the Cornfield; The Coyote and the Turtle.



9391 Ears and Tails and Common Sense CAribbean Sherlock/Aliki

Ears and Tails and Common Sense.

"More Stories from the Caribbean." During each evening of their eight-day party, the animals listen to stories. With an introduction for children about animal tales of the Caribbean and a picture map.



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