Latin America

Americans Before Columbus.

A narrative history, lively and interesting for a good child reader. Well-illustrated with 32 pages of photographs. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



18942 The Legend of the Palm Tree  Duarte/Werneck Brazil

The Legend of the Palm Tree.

After the rains came a long dry spell, forcing the little boy and his parents to move. Then a kind woman told them about the palm tree, and its many benefits for the people. A Brazilian legend illustrated with striking pictures, taken from lithographs by a Brazilian artist. This is the limited version, printed in Brazil, but slipcase, glassine, and slip are missing.



19230 The Thunder God's Son. Dewey.

The Thunder God's Son.

Paricaca, the Thunder God, sends his son down to earth to learn the ways of man. A Peruvian folktale.



13647 The Cucumber Princess - Wahl/Caraway.

The Cucumber Princess.

"A tiny girl, hatched from an egg found in a cucumber field, demands to rule in the stead of the king, thus beginning a contest of wills and strength." An original tale inspired by Aztec stories, in bright coloured illustrations that tell the story from page to page, as in the codices.



The Star Mountain and other legends of Mexico.

Hummingbird and Eagle, Moon-God of the Mayas, The Bold Mixtec, The Two Trees of Sadness, El Pájaro-Cu and others pre-Columbian and early Colonial. Twenty retold legends from Mexico with pronunciation guide but no sources. the artist was educated and has exhibited in Mexico.



3080 Why There Is No Arguing in Heaven - Lattimore

Why There is No Arguing In Heaven, A Mayan Myth.

The creation myth of the Popul Vuh, which Lattimore has drawn from the only surviving text, in 17th c Latin, itself a translation of the codices hidden by the Maya before encroaching Spaniards a hundred and fifty years before. The illustrations were inspired by the stonework of the Maya, and painted art. She combines her knowledge of archeology with the blue-grey stonelike figures and vivid colours of the forest to create a simple version of the usually embellished Popul Vuh. Dramatic illustrations, binding too tight to photograph..



2792 The Thunder God's Son - Dewey

The Thunder God's Son.




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