21908 Parabaik Myanmar Burma Tattoo Pattern Book

Parabaik Myanmar Burma Folding Tattoo Pattern Book, Leporello double sided 72", 27 images.

Parabaiks like these were produced as sample tattoo books. From the British museum, manuscript similar to ours: "The manuscript is a digest of tattoo designs for a potential client to choose from, and would have been used by the tattooer to advertise his range of work." The traditional tattoos had religious or magical powers and both protected the wearer and gave him strength.

This book has 27 different tattoos, black outlined coloured drawings surrounded by text, some on double spreads and some single pages: elephants brandishing swords, goddesses riding tigers, magical birds, and creatures bearing magic squares and circles, fish, chicken headed snakes, and circles of lizards and many animals with human or goddess heads.

Yes, this is a strange book for a children's site, but in fact it was sold to us as a "Victorian colouring book" (true!)



The River at Green Knowe

The River at Green Knowe

Ida, Oskar, and Ping, left on their own for the holiday, discover the wonderful manor of Green Knowe and canoe among the river islands to magic. Please note: THIS BOOK IS SOLD.



Moon of Gomrath by Alan Garner. N. Y. Collins 1979/1963, 1st US printing.

The Moon of Gomrath.

"The Moon of Gomrath is the one night of the year when the Old Magic is at its most powerful. Had Colin and Susan known this, they would have never lit a fire on the landmark known as the Beacon. But now no one is safe--the horsemen called the Wild Hunt are awake and on the ride. There will be a battle, and the outcome will depend on three unlikely champions: Susan, Colin, and their ally, the wizard Cadellin." Blurb. A publisher's file copy, with "Marketing Department, Children's Books, The Putnam Publishing Group" and address stamped in red on free front endpaper. Garner's second book, strong in plot and action.  Note: This Book has been SOLD.





Two doll creatures were brought to life and then discarded by the Smith twins, one a little green man made of an honesty pod and other green things, the other a paper doll called Arabella. They became fast friends as they tried to save the twins. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



20379 The Magic Dog by Edmonds.

The Magic Dog

A true story about Beauty, a talented, intelligent dog that was given to the magician Great Lafayette by his friend Houdini. Great Lafayette looked on her as a partner, not a prop, died five days after she did, and was interred with her.



20124 Whingdingdilly by Bill Peet.

The Whingdingdilly.

Scamp, Orvie's dog, wanted a more glamorous life so a magician transformed him into a bizarre mixture of zebra, elephant, camel, giraffe, elk, and rhino, "one whopping big surprise". All this makes a perfect vehicle for Peet's zany pictures.



22288 Kasperl mit der winduhr. - Mühlenweg, Fritz and Elisabeth. (1959/1956)

Kasperl mit der winduhr.

The adventures of the puppet Kasperl, here a boy, and Mucki the evil magician in the circus and in Africa. Drawings on every page, most in colour. Some stereotypes.



20843 Chi Po & the Sorcerer by Oscar Mandel, /Lo Koon-Chiu, illustrator.

Chi Po & the Sorcerer

A brush stroke scroll in ink continuing from page to page as illustration. Young Chi Po, aided by a sorcerer, became the greatest painter of all China. Inspired by the painter Ch'i Pai-shih.  Note: This book has been SOLD



Stirabout Stories (West of Widdershins.) by Barbara Sleigh; Ambrus, ill.

Stirabout Stories (West of Widdershins.)

Stories of magic, old and new, involving everyday things looked at afresh and stirred "widdershins." Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



The Magician's Animals.

The busy mother hen was trying to keep her chicks quiet. These are the Why? tales she told them about the great magician who was responsible for everything in the world.



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