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20961 Bland Tomtar och Troll, Strömgren ed / Bauer & Norelius illustrators. Dw.

Bland Tomtar och Troll.

On the cover a greedy Norelius troll holds a beautiful princess in his hands. A gorgeous children's annual, continued for many years, with the elegant and beautiful artwork by Bauer and the more humorous and wild paintings of Norelius. In Swedish. A lovely copy.



20105 Karlsson-on-the-Roof by LIndgren, ill Jan Pyk.

Karlsson on-the-Roof.

A marvelously funny story about a fat little man with a sort of helicopter attachment on his back who lives on Eric's roof in Stockholm and states unequivocally that he is real. (He is.) Illustrated with heavier line than the first English edition.



The Little Good People by Kathleen Foyle, Peter Frazer, ill.

The Little Good People.

Twenty-two Irish legends collected by Kathleen Foyle



7851 Tal and the Magic Barruget by Wuorio, ill Bettina.

Tal and the Magic Barruget.

Tal is not interested in spending the summer on the coast of Spain, but an aged Bruja tells him how to find the Barruguet, an imp who lives in a bottle. The Barruguet's charm and astounding powers make it a wonderful vacation after all.



19532 Däumlinchen, ein Märchen von Andersen /Else Wenz-Viëtor

Däumlinchen, ein Märchen von Andersen.

Only Thumbelina and the animals are characters here, perfect illustrations for this story.



22290 Däumerlings wanderschaft. - Erica Meier-Albert.

Däumerlings wanderschaft.

Bold and cheerful woodcuts in tune with the traditional nature of the story of a mischievous little person.



22474 Teenie Weenie Days, Donahey, Whittlesey (1944) 2nd printing

Teenie-Weenie Days.

About the many activities, swimming, sliding, skating, dealing with animals, that fill the Teenie Weenies' days.



21063 The Three Famous Ugly Sisters by Caroline Dyer

Three Famous Ugly Sisters.

Suefenella, Aneesa and Gwimpf lived on a mountain high above Sunny Beach, but they came down to help the townspeople with their problems, and, when they could no longer descend the mountain, gave the most wonderful party at their castle. McKay's illustrations are perfect for this story. Not a very common book, and probably cherished by those who have it... we keep an eye out for them.



21447 Another Brownie Book by Cox.

Another Brownie Book, "Our Second Book"

24 Brownie Stories, among them: The Brownies' Snow-Man, in the Orchard, Yacht Race, Niagara Falls, Dancing School, Locomotive etc. Brownies on the Canal seems to be the story of how the Brownies addressed a work stoppage in a labor dispute on the Erie Canal. "... We lack the might/ To set the wrongs of labor right,/But by the power within us placed/ We'll see that nothing goes to waste." This second book used stories previously appearing in Wide Awake, St. Nicholas and the Ladies' Home Journal, when the little people were well known and loved by children, but before the Brownies became an advertising fixture. We have both The Brownies and Another Brownie Book once belonging to Mary Bland Robertson of New Jersey (b. 1895, m Edward Ingersoll Brown); we would prefer to keep the books together. Please inquire.
NOTE: This book has been sold.



Mrs. Pepperpot to the Rescue.




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