Circus Baby Petershams Macmillan 1950, 1st or early.

The Circus Baby.

In one of the Petersham's most charming books, Mother Elephant tries to teach her baby to eat at the table, just as her friends the clown family do. She herself is too big to fit at all and the baby makes a mess just as the clowns arrive! NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



Fly Away, Watchbird! written & illus by Munro Leaf. Stokes 1941, 1st printing.

Fly Away, Watchbird!

More cautionary watchbird stories, the Full-Mouth, the Pouter, the Flitter, the Won't Try.... When the children have overcome these little faults, the watchbirds will fly away.



Portly McSwine, written and illustrated by James Marshall.

Portly McSwine.


With one day to plan, Portly McSwine worries his way through each aspect of his National Snout Day party. It is a smashing success! Marshall shows the hopes and fears of this conscientious pig with masterly drawings which only look simple.



19453 Jimmy Sliderlegs Hoffmann Sully publication

Jimmy Sliderlegs.

Very bright pictures in the style of Hoffmann. This collection has more stories than the usual, including more stories about girls, oddly enough, and none of the original Hoffmann ten. Stories (here compared with the Altemus version of Sliderlegs) Envious Minny, The History of the Dirty Child (no names), Cruel Paul (Paul the Tormentor Alt.), Slovenly Betsy, Phoebe Ann, the Proud Girl, Discontented Lucy, Idle Fritz (Idle Fritz, Alt.) Simple Hans (Simple Hans, Alt), Heedless Hugo (Heedless Hugo, Alt), The Night Wanderer. (Oswald), Ned, the Toybreaker (Ned the Toy-Breaker, Alt) ,Prying Will (Prying Will, Alt), The Little Glutton (Mary), Tom Bogus The Sweet Tooth, Harry Cobus and the Shang-Hais, The History of Doctor Wango-Tango, The Tragical Story of Mammy Katchem and her Kittens.



20981 What Is Right for Tulip by Duvoisin.

What is Right for Tulip...

A somewhat tongue in cheek guide to good manners, with a very charming polar bear!
NOTE: This book has been sold.



Flock of Watchbirds.

Here they all are: the Grabber, the Bashful, the Too-Late, the Butter-In....An omnibus containing Watchbirds, More Watchbirds and Fly Away, Watchbird. The last of the early Watchbird books.



Little Dog by Deihl. In Box.

The Little Dog that Would Not Wag His Tail.

Noodles insisted that wagging his tale was just silly nonsense, even though mother said it was Good Manners. So cute!
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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