The Greenstone Axe by E. M. Ellin / Sutherland, ill. Stockton House, 1975 1st pr

The Greenstone Axe.

The three Archer children are left on their own on the ranch in the Northland of New Zealand. While looking for wild honey, they find a greenstone axe, that ultimately involves them in a war between two rival Maori tribes. Set in the 1850's.



Light in the Mountain.

An epic of Maori life spanning the lives of two women.



Low Tide.

A realism-fantasy set in a New Zealand, matching modern children with Maori legend.



The Book of Wiremu.

A classic little book, not a picture book but sensitively illustrated, telling simple stories of the idyllic daily life of a little Maori boy and his uncle.



The Long Holiday

School is over, and Michael heads out happily to the sea and shore world he knows so well, netting for flounder, digging for toheroas, messing about in boats. His journey around the bay leads him back to his fisherman father.



11918 Living in a Maori Village - Reed/Dansey.

Living in a Maori Village.

'Rata and Hine at Home."



11919 How the Maoris Came - Reed/ Dansey.

How the Maoris Came.

Explains the different Maori migrations to New Zealand, in historic time, the ships, the stories..



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