The Monkey's Haircut and other stories told by the Maya.

A mixture of stories told by the Maya, from the Popul Vuh to African and Spanish stories, collected and retold by an outstanding interpretor of folklore for children.  Note: This Book has been sold.



3080 Why There Is No Arguing in Heaven - Lattimore

Why There is No Arguing In Heaven, A Mayan Myth.

The creation myth of the Popul Vuh, which Lattimore has drawn from the only surviving text, in 17th c Latin, itself a translation of the codices hidden by the Maya before encroaching Spaniards a hundred and fifty years before. The illustrations were inspired by the stonework of the Maya, and painted art. She combines her knowledge of archeology with the blue-grey stonelike figures and vivid colours of the forest to create a simple version of the usually embellished Popul Vuh. Dramatic illustrations, binding too tight to photograph..



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