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The Nurse's Rhyme Book, (Thomas Trueman)

The Nurse's Rhyme Book, (Thomas Trueman)

143 Rhymes. Taken together with the volume published in the previous year by Zeiger they comprise "all that is valuable in this particular department of juvenile literature." Most are one or two to a page with varied decorative borders and lovely small engravings. Some longer ballads and many unfamiliar rhymes and variants here. The later Smith editions are in World Cat, but this, presumably first, edition is not.



19599 Mother Goose and her Friends by Muter

Mother Goose and her Friends.

In the form of story, not rhymes, where two children and Mother Goose met up with other characters from the rhymes as they walk along. Just wonderful bright Deco pictures by Marion Foster on a generously sized book with wide margins.



20353 Walt Disney's Nursery Rhymes/ Dean's

Walt Disney's Nursery Rhymes/ Dean's

Inside: Bambi as Jack be Nimble; Minnie as Queen of Hearts, Pluto as Little Dog Laughed, Millie/Melody nieces with as Mary and Lamb, Huey, Louey and Dewey as Three Men in a Tub, and Goofy as the astronomer viewing Twinkle Twinkle. Quite a cast! Uncommon in this condition.



22185 Three LIttle Books in one volume (Greenaway)

Three Little Books: In one volume, containing Three Little Songs, Five Little Maidens, Three Little Fishes.

Many songs, original short poems and stories, a few nursery rhymes, with pleasant little drawings in imitation of Kate Greenaway. Generally a happy view of childhood. Uncommon thus collected; one in libraries. First published separately in Kate Greenaway Indestructible Series in 1883 (The Five Little Maidens is listed in Schuster 514 Imitation Cloth Books. Ia. )Compiled in 1885 and dated from Babyhood Magazine 1885.



19828 Baby's Mother Goose. by Charlotte Steiner 1947.

Baby's Mother Goose.

Very appealing primary colour illustrations on white by Steiner, who did many of the early Peggy Cloth-Books. (Do not confuse this with the Platt and Munk 60's Peggy Cloth Book Baby's Mother Goose) This has charming pictures for eight rhymes carefully printed in bright inks with exact register. 7.5x8.5.



21842 Baby's Mother Goose Peggy/Platt 1960s

Baby's Mother Goose.

Bright illustrations with some registers not accurate, perhaps intentional. Although this states "Peggy" the artwork is unrelated to Steiner's cloth Mother Goose, six of the same rhymes though.



22579 Child's First Alphabet Book

Child's First Alphabet Book

Two ABCs bound together with a memorable Rountree cover plate and many funny endpaper drawings by Lang Campbell, including Uncle Wiggily. Both alphabets have the look of thinner reproductions of prewar chromolithographs (which, if true, would have been Graham & Matlack.)

Bird and Animal ABC: Spreads of six or seven wonderful coloured illustrations of letters/animals in their habitats, followed by spreads with little drawings and information about animals in the same letter groups.

Nursery Rhyme Book ABC: More elaborate turn of the century style lithos, full illustrations with Frances Brundage style children, also with six or seven letters/rhymes followed by larger line drawings with green touches.

All in all a large book in nice condition. More images available.




21851 ClaussPrimer

Clauss Primer, Mother Goose

An alphabet/Mother Goose advertising booklet, with two large red letters and their full pictures and rhymes on every page, the drawings rather stiff but nicely coloured. Each traditional rhyme works in a Clauss product: Old woman, old woman, shall we go a-shearing?/Speak a little louder, sir. I am hard of hearing./Old woman, old woman, the shears were made by Clauss (fancy script)/Thank you, kind sir, you may leave them at my house. 



22511 Mother Goose Stick'em Book. Platt & Munk (1937)

Mother Goose Stick'em Book.

Ready to bring back memories! A nice large cut and paste book, that has never been used. Humpty Dumpty, Old King Cole, Simple Simon, and Mary has a little Lamb....



21572 Chapbook JackandJill McLoughlin Publisher

Jack and Jill.

Jack and Jill give and take as they make seesaws and swings and tangle with the sow. It seems very early for this boisterous little girl! Wonderful book...



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