21246 Mouse and his Child by Russell Hoban, ill Lillian Hoban.

The Mouse and His Child.

A broken clockwork mouse and child follow the child's dream of a home and family. Hailed as a classic when it appeared, this is a complex fantasy, full of logical tricks and high adventure. "A rich, disturbing, very touching book" Kirkus. This edition, not uncommon, has always been puzzling to date, it looks newer than 1967 but is certainly early, pre ISBN; it does not feel like a book club.



Little Red Riding Hood written and illlustrated by John Goodall.

Little Red Riding Hood.

A charming little mouse Red Riding Hood trots through a wild country landscape with looser lines than Goodall's usual. Great animals! A wordless book with half sheets interspersed. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



The Tale of Two Bad Mice

The Tale of Two Bad Mice

My favorite Beatrix Potter as a child, the awful china food, the daring of those mice when the feather bolster broke, Hunka Munka arriving to clean once a week forever! These older copies with the nice cover plates are still plentiful, but hard to identify online. Note: This book has been sold.



Mouse House.

Mouse House.

One night, poor little Bonnie mouse was pushed out of the flowerpot in the basement where her family lived, so she went on an adventure and found Mary's toy mouse house. At last Mary had mice to watch who moved and squeaked! Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



22310 Mäuschen Tippeltapp - Burger./Fritz Baumgarten

Mäuschen Tippeltapp.

The hero, a field mouse, finds a pretty white mouse in a gift box in the playroom. They have fun exploring until she is caught in a box trap! What to do...



20398 Something for Christmas Palmer Brown UK1st.

Something for Christmas.

 A sweet little conversation between a mother and son about what he could give to a special person for Christmas.



Bernard into Battle.

A Miss Bianca story: Settled into the embassy, the mice repel a plague of sewer rats. Note: This book has been sold.



The Mouse and the Lion.

The mouse and the lion had set out to visit the world of people, when a fairy, feeling sorry for the mouse, made him appear larger than the largest lion to those who viewed him. The stage is set..



Sophie and Lou.

Shy Opie mouse learns to dance and her world changes. Note This Book Has Been Sold.



The Mouse's Tail. Pettes, Helen. /Julia Greene, ill. Cupples and Leon (1917)

The Mouse's Tail.

An old folk tale, in which the little mouse, in order to get his tail back from the cat, performs a series of tasks. A cute little mouse in blue and yellow checked pants scurries from blacksmith to cow.



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