Das Kind in Lied und Bild songs by Pestalozzi, Nitsch, ill. Wernthal [1905].

Das Kind in Lied und Bild.

A beautiful collection of the songs  by a descendant of the Swiss educator illustrated by a German artist. 



Nursery Songs. Mary LaFetra.  Sam'l Gabriel Sons (1916)

Nursery Songs.

Cute chubby children illustrate these little songs. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Christmas Carols for Young Children.

Christmas Carols for Young Children.

It is a pleasure to see these images, although the colour seems dulled compared to early 20th c illustrations.



A Cat Came Fiddling and other Rhymes of Childhood. (Irene Haas, illus).

A Cat Came Fiddling... (Irene Haas, illus).

Fifty-seven nonsense verses and nursery rhymes with new music by Kapp of which Burl Ives says in his introduction "it sounds as though it had never been written, only been sung." Amusing illustrations and very simple piano accompaniments.



The Bubble Book. No. 1.( Rhoda Chase)

The Bubble Book. No. 1.( Rhoda Chase)




The Twelve Days of Christmas.illustrated by Wildsmith SIGNED.

The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Bright renditions of the song. SIGNED by Wildsmith. NOTE: This Book Has Been SOLD.



Christmas Carols: Old English Carols for Christmas and other Festivals.

Christmas Carols: Old English Carols.

"Old English Carols for Christmas and other Festivals." Harmonized by Lucy E. Broadwood. Individual decorated borders and text decorations and 14 colour plates. NOTE: This Book has been sold.



Mommy, Buy Me a China Doll.

Mommy, Buy Me a China Doll.

When the peddler comes to the door with a beautiful china doll, the little girl comes up with an elaborate scheme to trade a featherbed for her. A classic, funny tale with splendid illustrations done in heavy black outlines and glowing earth tones. Bader #658. Note: This book has been sold.



7134 Caribbean Carnival - Burgie/Lessac

Caribbean Carnival, songs of the West Indies.

13 calypso songs with bright illustrations, some familiar, some arrangements of traditional songs, and 4 written by the author. Interesting afterword by Rosa Guy, on the African origins of calypso and it's spread to the New World in the 16th century. Simple piano accompaniments and chords. Unfortunately, this is such a tight book we cannot photograph the bright illustrations filled with flowers and trees.



19832 Lullaby: Why the Pussy-Cat Washes Himself So Often by Bernhard.

Lullaby: Why the Pussy-Cat Washes Himself So Often.

"A Folktale adapted from the Polish." A Christmas story with many bright peasant style lithographs in the same colours. First all the villagers come with gifts for the baby Jesus. Then, after they leave, he is so excited he can't go to sleep. Only the purr of the little kitten, who must wash the ashes from her coat before he can sing to the baby, can lull him to sleep. Includes piano score for "Ah, ah, pussies two".



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