14451 Hermes, Lord of the Robbers. - Proddow/Cooney

Hermes, Lord of the Robbers.


One of a group of Homeric Hymns translated and illustrated by this pair. Beautiful writing, and accessible to children, distinguished pictures.



7183 Why the North Star Stands Still  and Other Indian Legends - Palmer

Why the North Star Stands Still.

The author was adopted by the Paiute nation, and made a book of these legends only when at long last he was given permission. Pahute legends, with 4 page glossary.



20871 Monster Slayer - Vee Browne/Baje Whitethorne. Navajo

Monster Slayer: A Navajo Folktale.

When the Monster, Walking Giant, threatens their crops, the Anasazi villagers call for help on the Twins, the twelve year old sons of Changing Woman. A portion of the traditional Monster slayer story, the Southwest setting illustrated with rhythmic energy. Navajo author and artist.



12374 Lord of the Animals A Miwok Creation Myth - French.

Lord of the Animals.

Coyote, the Creator, asks each animal to sculpt the "Lord of the Animals" but he is the only one who stays awake and completes his figure, the first Miwok Indian. Bright, abstract animals and bands of design which call to mind Miwok basketry. (Bay Area, California)



9948 Buffalo Woman - Paul Goble.

Buffalo Woman.

The Legend of Buffalo Woman and Calf Boy and the hunter who was their father. The author draws on the legends of the Sioux, Cheyenne, and Blackfoot peoples.



Hero Tales from the British Isles.

Companion volume to Tales of the British People. Arthur, Robin Hood; Pwyll and Rhiannon, Bran, Son of Llyr, Taliesin; Finn Mac Cool, Ian Direach, Tam Lin; Deirdre and the Sons of Usna, Cuchulain, the Hound of Ulster, Dermot and Grania. Notes.
This book has been sold



14763 Raven -  McDermott

Raven: a Trickster Tale from the Pacific Northwest.

Raven, the trickster and benefactor of mankind, feels sad that the people have no light. How can he coax the ball of light from the Sun god? The vivid paintings of Sky Chief, Raven, and his world are based on Pacific Northwest Native American art. Caldecott Honor



Indian Tales for Little Folks. Philips Platt & Munk 1928/1914

Indian Tales for Little Folks.

10 Native American children's tales, by an author who spent nearly 50 years in touch with traditional people. Over 200 little margin drawings which are keyed and listed. Note This book has been sold.



18942 The Legend of the Palm Tree  Duarte/Werneck Brazil

The Legend of the Palm Tree.

After the rains came a long dry spell, forcing the little boy and his parents to move. Then a kind woman told them about the palm tree, and its many benefits for the people. A Brazilian legend illustrated with striking pictures, taken from lithographs by a Brazilian artist. This is the limited version, printed in Brazil, but slipcase, glassine, and slip are missing.



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