Indian Tales for Little Folks. Philips Platt & Munk 1928/1914

Indian Tales for Little Folks.

10 Native American children's tales, by an author who spent nearly 50 years in touch with traditional people. Over 200 little margin drawings which are keyed and listed. Note This book has been sold.



Indian Sleep-Man Tales.




13635 Moon Was Tired of Walking on Air - Belting/Hillenbrand

Moon Was Tired of Walking on Air.

The Travelling Sky Basket, The Daughter of Rain, Worlds Above Worlds Below, What Happened When Armadillo Dug a Hole in the Sky.... Fourteen creation myths from ten of the South American indigenous peoples, most located in modern Brazil, with the title from the first. Hard to find material, a beautifully illustrated picture book oriented toward older child, each with the name of the people but no sources.



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