Native American

20783 Ring of Tall Trees Dowd

Ring of Tall Trees.

"Can the spirit of Raven help Dylan and his friends protect the ancient trees?"



Old Raven's World by Jean West Maury/ Ben Kutcher, ill. Little Brown 1931, 1st p

Old Raven's World.

Creation stories of the Tlingit, built around the story of two boys who meet in a little town in Alaska. The book is dedicated To My Godson Merrill Whitney, adding to the printed dedication, the author has handwritten "who always justifies my faith in him, Jean West Maury, October 9, 1931." SIGNED AND INSCRIBED BY THE AUTHOR TO HER GODSON,



Nannabah's Friend.

Nannabah's Friend.

Nannabah is lonely tending the sheep by herself for the first time, until she makes a doll family to keep her company. When she returns to the canyon the next day there is a little girl, a new friend. Quiet desert scenes in lavender, tan and black. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



7183 Why the North Star Stands Still  and Other Indian Legends - Palmer

Why the North Star Stands Still.

The author was adopted by the Paiute nation, and made a book of these legends only when at long last he was given permission. Pahute legends, with 4 page glossary.



When the Moon is New - Laura Bannon

When the Moon is New.

A story of a Seminole Indian girl of the Everglades.



14506 The Trees Stand Shining Poetry of the North Am Indians - Jones/Parker

The Trees Stand Shining.

At the edge of the world/ It is growing light, The trees stand shining. I like it. It is growing light. Papago. A collection of Native American poetry and oratory from different nations. Binding is too tight to photograph full image.



19249 Magic Vase - French (Pueblo)

The Magic Vase.

When the greedy art dealer returned to the village of his birth to find a special vase for his collection, Maria made him a magic vase which would show him the value of all things. Art inspired by Pueblo patterns and landscapes.



12523 The Last of the Arctic - Kurelek

The Last of the Arctic.

Thirty coloured paintings and sixteen black and white drawings document the disappearing traditional ways of Arctic life, difficult to find in 1975,. Kurelek lived on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic while he researched this book.



7749 The Buffalo Hunt - Swainson/ Tughan. (Metis)

The Buffalo Hunt.

An interesting glimpse of the life of the Métis in Manitoba as the family prepares for a buffalo hunt maybe 100 years ago, showing the mixture French Canadian and Native influences. An unusual little book about a culture known for its unique fiddle music.



19622 The Battle of the Wind Gods - Varga  (Blackfoot)

The Battle of the Wind Gods.

 An original tale set among the Blackfoot people, with bright, active and almost comical illustrations, in which the North Wind refuses to leave and the South Wind lures him into the warm teepee, melts his fearsome cape, and wins the battle.



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