Nannabah's Friend.

Nannabah's Friend.

Nannabah is lonely tending the sheep by herself for the first time, until she makes a doll family to keep her company. When she returns to the canyon the next day there is a little girl, a new friend. Quiet desert scenes in lavender, tan and black. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



6118 Who Wants to Be a Prairie Dog? Ann Clark. BIA

Who Wants to Be a Prairie Dog?

My-Little-Boy drives the sheep to the dip with his mother and grandmother. He falls behind, walks into a hole, and sees Prairie Dog Women. One of the readers written by Clark for the BIA, illustrated by a young Navajo artist.



20430 Navajo Visions and Voices Across the Mesa - Shonto Begay.

Navajo: Visions and Voices Across the Mesa.

SIGNED, INSCRIBED, DATED 6/24/95 with a SMALL PORTRAIT "To the generations of our family that love and belong to New Mexico. AlA (ALA convention?) Chicago '95" Many beautiful paintings and illustrations accompanied by Begay's poetry.



20871 Monster Slayer - Vee Browne/Baje Whitethorne. Navajo

Monster Slayer: A Navajo Folktale.

When the Monster, Walking Giant, threatens their crops, the Anasazi villagers call for help on the Twins, the twelve year old sons of Changing Woman. A portion of the traditional Monster slayer story, the Southwest setting illustrated with rhythmic energy. Navajo author and artist.



9872 Dark Circle of Branches -Armer.

Dark Circle of Branches.

A Navaho boy, Na Nai, grows up in Arizona in 1862. A quiet story of the spiritual life of the people. Eight plates by her husband, Sidney Armer. The endpapers show a drawing of  Navajo sand paintings, an abiding and somewhat intrusive interest of hers. The author was an established art photographer, who at 57 had published her first book, Waterless Mountain, which became a Newbery award-winner. This is her second. SIGNED with her name on half title.



Kodi's Mare.

Kodi, a Navajo boy, was sent away to the mission school, leaving his beautiful horse Willow with a cruel master. How he ran away to try to save her. With many sensitive drawings by Ambrus. (For photos of a better copy, see 15635)



7580 Navajo ABC; a Diné Alphabet Book. Tapahanso/Shick.

Navajo ABC; a Diné Alphabet Book.

A for arroyo, B for belt, C for cradle board. An alphabet that serves as an introduction for young children to cultural aspects of the largest Indian nation in the United States..



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