New England

Flivver the Heroic Horse by Lee Kingman, illus by Erik Blegvad.

Flivver the Heroic Horse.

Flivver and Mr. Tilmilty arrive in Snuggler's Cove from the streets of Boston to claim their inheritance and start a new life. Cosy line drawings of the village and Flivver. This book has been SOLD



21883 The Puritan Twins by Perkins

The Puritan Twins.

Gives a good idea of the Puritan perspective on their experience, best read aloud and discussed.



The Tough Winter written and illustrated by Robert Lawson, 1954, 1st.

The Tough Winter

A sequel to Rabbit Hill, the animal community of a traditional American family farm survives the winter. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



All For a Friend.

A warm portrait of a New England village and of the old-time Vermonters who live there. Tom has his heart and mind set on entering his new horse Folly in the County Fair. Follows All for a Horse. SIGNED and Inscribed by author, Kay Avery, who spent many summers on the Shrewsbury.




"A Delightful Novel for Older Girls." About a summer in New Hampshire in the 1940's. NOTE: This book has been sold.



Soup on Wheels.

Just look at the cover.. a barrel with two kids in zebra-leg costumes racing down the hill on skates .. and you know it's another hilarious Soup and Rob adventure.



The Big Snow.




Daughter of Liberty.

Daughter of Liberty.

The experiences of Polly Sumner, a French fashion doll in Boston during the American Revolution who once brought a note to Paul Revere and is now residing in the Old State House. Miss Boutwell, a children's librarian, came from an old NE family.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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