New York

The Bears Upstairs.

Wendy comes to realize that the oddlooking apartment-sitters who have just moved in are bears and then to understand that they are very homesick bears who must journey far into the galaxy. An unusual and touching fantasy.



The New York Colony.

The author has worked in the State Historical Society and has created museum exhibits, and therefore includes interesting and accurate details. Note This book has been sold.



Journey to the Golden Land.

A story of Jewish turn of the century immigration for young children. Detailed ink drawings form a frieze of their own from page to page, as Benjamin journeys from his small Russian farming village to the teaming shores of New York.



More All-of-a-Kind Family. Taylor, Sydney./Mary Stevens, ill,  Follett (1954)

More All-of-a-Kind Family. (More All of a Kind Family)

The second book about the daily life of this loving family from the Jewish community of the Lower East Side, beginning two years later, during their last days in the old house. SIGNED and inscribed by the author "For another all-of-a-kind family, Nov 1955" The author inscribed her books infrequently: who was this family? Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



The Horse Who Had His Picture in the Paper.McGinley,/Helen Stone, ill Lippincott

The Horse Who Had His Picture in the Paper.

When Brownie, the fancy NY police horse who has had his picture in the paper, moves into the stall next to Joey's, Joey begins to wish for fame. If Joey could have his picture in the paper, his owner could afford new shoes for his six children. After a string of funny adventures, he achieves his heart's desire. Lively, stylish, though not particularly equestrian, drawings illustrate this sweet tale. A new story about Joey, "The Horse Who Lived Upstairs" by the same author/artist team.



Taxi Dog by Barracca.

The Adventures of Taxi Dog.

A stray dog gets himself adopted by a taxi driver and drives around New York all day, every day. Artist's first book. SIGNED and INSCRIBED by artist with a little drawing of Taxi Dog.



Adam's ABC.

Adam's ABC.




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