North Africa

12057 Hannibal and His 37 Elephants - Hirsch.

Hannibal and his 37 Elephants.

On a roundabout route from Carthage to Rome, a line of elephants in ear muffs with socks on their trunks crosses the Alps in a snowstorm. Some invasion! Based on historic facts of 318 BC, but full of fun. Grey toned pictures against a yellow orange background. SIGNED and INSCRIBED by author/illustrator with personal birthday wish.
Note: This book has been SOLD.



5158 Gazelle-Boy - Armen.


A dream-like philosophical encounter with a feral boy in the desert. Though he wrote a detailed observation of the boy's life with the herd, the author subsequently tried to protect him from interference, both well meaning and commercial. Additional information about feral children.



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