The Hunted Prince

Based on the saga of the tenth century Olaf Tryggvisson, a warrior king of Norway. As a small boy escaping from the murderers of the king, Thorgils pledges himself for a lifetime to protect Prince Olaf and help him return to his kingdom.



Daughter of Lapland.

Ever since her Lapp father drowned on a reindeer migration, Ingre and her mother have lived in Norway; thus she looks forward to a short vacation with her cousins and their herds. But when her mother does not return, she must go on the raido, too.



Norwegian Fairy Tales.

Written by a Norwegian, in English, in a friendly discourse with the reader, with each chapter containing several stories: The Mountain Trolls, , the Hulders, the Forest Trolls, the Noekk, the Nisse, the Draug. Note: This book has been sold.



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