19648 Mr. Hermit Crab by Rhys, ill Helen Sewell.

Mr. Hermit Crab

"A tale for children by a child. Introduced by Mary Elizabeth Barnicle." One of the first two books illustrated by Helen Sewell, with coloured plate and six black and white plates as well as many drawings in text.



Floating Island.

Floating Island.

Shipwrecked dolls on a tropical island; an imaginative children's nature fantasy, marred by unconscious racism. Many fine drawings throughout text as well as plates. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



The Village Band Mystery

"During her first winter in a Finnish-American village on Cape Ann, Massachusetts, Garnet felt unwanted until she had a chance to help her friend, Laurie Sironen, solve the mystery of the disappearance of some band instruments after a big fire." Fine, detailed drawings of children enjoying the New England winter and wonderful characters. Rare in this condition.



21005 The Seashore Noisy Book by Brown.

The Seashore Noisy Book.

Little Muffin hears everything, but he had never heard the sea. Adventures follow. "'Ho! Ho!' said the captain as he pulled Muffin out of the water. 'I think I've caught a dogfish this time.' Weisgard's bright angular illustrations of the curious sea creatures go right along with Muffin's inquisitive nature.



Petite Suzanne.

Set on the coast of the Gaspe. Ti-su, or Suzanne Cecile Pouliot, would love to paint. Beautiful colour.



17186 Adventure at Mont-Saint-Michel by Napoli.

Adventure at Mont-Saint-Michel.

Little Centauree longs to follow the sea and find out where it goes, but when she does, the threatening sea swirls around her. An atmospheric book with the figures rendered very expressively in big blocks of colour, blues and browns and olive greens. Note: This book has been SOLD




"While playing pirates with his little sister and her cat in an old crate he finds on the beach, Flynn suddenly discovers that they are adrift on the sea and that he must somehow keep them all alive.



The Changeling Sea.

Periwinkle tries to contact the land beneath the sea in this magical adventure. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Oysters, an elementary science reader.

Large print, interesting text. Very attractive oyster illustrations in heavy, curving lines, some in colour, on good quality paper. Twentieth of thirty books. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



The Boat in the Reeds.

A little boy who is missing his father finds an old boat in the reeds and Tim Mac Cool, an Irish grownup friend. His fantasy world turns real when he tries to sail the boat and Tim must swim out in the channel to save him.



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