Pretty Poll: A Parrot's Own Story./Harrison Weir, ill. Evans and Brittan (1854)

Pretty Poll: A Parrot's Own Story

Starts right out in a squawky old parrot voice: "I am tired of saying over and over again the same things, so I think I shall begin and tell the history of my life" Pretty Poll travels from her home in the Spice Islands to a little girl's home in America. A very well written mid Victorian animal story, which sticks consistently to the parrot's point of view and does not moralize or talk down. (I have not been able to find the "editor's" name, despite a well known illustrator and engraver.) Pretty Poll can be found in most major library collections, but doesn't often appear online in this condition. This is probably a very early edition, since the book was published again in 1857 by a different New York publisher. (Also simultaneously in London and by Nelson in 1876). Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



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