The Little White Hen and the Emperor of France (Henne Blanche Soldat des Kaisers).

The little hen is drafted into a war between the Emperor of France and the Tzar, so she and her friend the farmer set out to carry one cannon ball to Russia. A funny story, told in cartoon frames, about the futility of war.



No Hero for the Kaiser.

A Polish boy, Jan, taken with the Germans in pursuit of the Russians, learns too much about war and rejects its glories totally. Highly acclaimed initially, then banned and publicly burned in 1933 by the Third Reich.



7579 The Tortoise and the Sword by Beatrice Tanaka

The Tortoise and the Sword.

"A Vietnamese epic poem by Nguyen Trai, with an historical background. Le Loi, a 15th c peasant boy, leads a successful ten-year struggle against Chinese domination. When the battles are over,, a tortoise rises from the lake to swallow Le Loi's sword." Illustrated in the author's black and white block prints."



The Alphabet Tree/Lionni

The Alphabet Tree/Lionni

When the wind scattered the frightened letters from their leaves, a funny bug taught them to make words and stick together, "But not good enough," said the purple caterpillar. "You must say something Important". NOTE: This book has been sold.



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