Peter Rabbit

19568 The Tale of Peter Rabbit Animated! Julian Wehr

The Tale of Peter Rabbit, animated/Wehr.

A long way from Beatrix Potter, but lots of fun. Each animation has interesting details.



Peter Rabbit  Charles E. Graham & Co, Childland Booklet Series

Peter Rabbit

Exact copies of Potter's pictures. A pirated American version. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



Peter Rabbit, The Magician, by Richards, 1942 [in box, all pieces present]

Peter Rabbit, The Magician, [in original box, with all pieces present]

On the last page, Peter says "Practice Makes Perfect" and Jane Potter, about 10,  practiced these tricks over and over, keeping meticulous records of each trial, and putting the items neatly away in the box each time (the magic wand rolled up in a linen handkerchief). Nothing is lost and nothing is wrinkled though most of the pieces are thin card or pulp paper. Just amazing! It would be quite possible to erase her light pencil records from the back of the envelope without a trace, but it would be a shame to do so. A wonderful piece of social history in beautiful condition. Note: This book has been sold.



Old Mother Bunny, a shape book

On both covers, a large and determined mother rabbit, with red shoes and a manic expression, attacks a carrot with her paring knife; inside, on plain pages, are an assortment of publisher pictures:  period drawings of clothed rabbits, on the center spread two copies from Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit (with a kindly mother!) and a naturalistic rabbit family.



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