The Stray Child written and illustrated by Robert Joyce. Dutton 1934 stated 1st.

The Stray Child.

William, Eugene, and Pansy Face, little child cats, find a little lost boy, take him home, and make a pet of him. A strange little story about the meaning of having pets. Note: This book has been sold.



20433 Nursery Pets Saalfield Felt Book

Nursery Pets. (Saalfield's Felt Books)

On each page, a short poem and a large full coloured picture "Polly wants a cracker? Polly does of course,/Run and fetch it quick/Or she'll scream until she's hoarse." The publisher's trim on this book appears to be 3/16" too close on the top side, affecting the letters R and Y and also the red margin on the back, but not the interior pages. The felt gives a soft depth of colour and takes fine line very well. These rather rare, turn of the century felt books appear to have been produced in both muslin and felt.



20968 Flicka, Ricka, and Dicka and a Little Dog by Lindman.

Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and a Little Dog.

The little girls return Mr. Applegate's lost wet dog. He keeps running back to them but Mother says "we must not keep what does not belong to us, though we may want to badly." Happy ending.



Pretty Poll: A Parrot's Own Story./Harrison Weir, ill. Evans and Brittan (1854)

Pretty Poll: A Parrot's Own Story

Starts right out in a squawky old parrot voice: "I am tired of saying over and over again the same things, so I think I shall begin and tell the history of my life" Pretty Poll travels from her home in the Spice Islands to a little girl's home in America. A very well written mid Victorian animal story, which sticks consistently to the parrot's point of view and does not moralize or talk down. (I have not been able to find the "editor's" name, despite a well known illustrator and engraver.) Pretty Poll can be found in most major library collections, but doesn't often appear online in this condition. This is probably a very early edition, since the book was published again in 1857 by a different New York publisher. (Also simultaneously in London and by Nelson in 1876). Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Golden Dicky. Saunders, Marshall./George Hood, frontis, ill. Stokes, 1919, 1st.

Golden Dicky: the Story of a Canary and his Friends.

A later book about the care of birds by the Canadian author of the plea for kindness to dogs, Beautiful Joe. "The children who read these delightful pages will surely form lasting friendships with Dicky-Dick, the cheery songster, and Chummy, the stout-hearted little sparrow, and all the robins and grackles and crows who with the dogs and squirrels and Nella, the monkey, make up the lively company embraced in these chronicles." A wonderful painting of early 20th century decor on the front plate and frontis. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Animalerie, The Pet Store (Peter Spier's Village).

Animalerie, The Pet Store (Peter Spier's Village).

The Pet Store stands up on its own, with no stress on the book. Bright little pictures and a different shaped roof on each building. The buildings in this diecut board village would make a nice, inexpensive collection. Among others in the group are: The Toy Shop (which we have), Food Market,  Fire House, Toy  Shop, My School, Bill's Service Station.



Mr. Peck's Pets by Louise Seaman /Berta & Elmer Hader, illustrators.

Mr. Peck's Pets.

The amusing story of Mr. Peck, his wife, and the idiosyncrasies of his various pets, which run to dachshunds and horses. The Pecks' menagerie follows them from a city apartment to a small farm. Based on the experiences of a friend of the author.



Little Pets Linen ABC.

Little Pets Linen ABC.

A first primer, with three examples of each initial letter sound in the small pictures "Quaker, Quail, Quiver" and CVC words and sentences to practice on, ending with a simple story. The front cover gives an interesting message about the value of learning to read!



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