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21038 The Observer's Book of Cats. Pond.

The Observer's Book of Cats.

"Describing all the recognized breeds and varieties with 32 colour and 25 black and white photographs and numerous line drawings." Another in this excellent little series.



20130 Zipper the Zany Richard M. Stevens, photographs.

Zipper the Zany.

A little cat is up to all sorts of mischief around the house but she finally gets her book typed. A portrait at the end is supposed to be perforated so it can be detached.



20463 Nanook of the North - Flaherty/photos.

Nanook of the North.

Stills from the famous black and white film, well arranged and edited.



22301 Die Krabbelstube - Johanna Huber. 1947/1934

Die Krabbelstube.

Ideas for ways young mothers can play with their children, Six page pull out with photographs and patterns (uncut)



20875 Chendru, the Boy and the Tiger. - Sucksdorff

Chendru, the Boy and the Tiger.

From a film, two years in the making, by author's husband, the Swedish director Arne Sucksdorff. For the isolated Muria people in Central India the tiger is a "beloved enemy". Beautiful colour photographs of their daily life and a satisfying story of a boy and his constant companion, a young tiger.



20944 ReallyBabies by Brownell, photo illustrated.

Really Babies, with illustrations reproduced from photographs taken by the author.

Very charming early photos of young children, posed but quite relaxed. Ladies' Home Journal 1902, after the publication of Dream Children: "A comparatively new worker in photography, Mrs. Brownell is meeting with great success in the rich but hitherto almost untouched field of the art as applied to book illustration. Among the children of the poor she has found her most effective material, and with a sympathetic touch she fills her studies with much of the poetic pathos which is frequently the attribute of humble lives. Mrs. Brownell’s photographs are the result of patient study. Her models are often first sketched in pencil for composition, and they are always carefully trained both for pose and expression." The poems facing are not memorable. Note: This book has been sold.



20976 Adventures with Elsie by Hamilton.

Adventures with Elsie, the Famous Cow.

The cartoon of the original Elsie, a Jersey heifer, grew to become one of the most recognized advertising icons in the US and Canada and is still used, though Borden's ceased doing business in the 1990's. Elsie's work went way beyond advertising, and so this book, written on the 25th anniversary of her first World's Fair appearance, is a short social history of the World War Two years and beyond, War Bonds, Travel, Freedomland, a second World's Fair, family, and more. The author drew on several private collections and the Borden records to find the many photos in this book.  Note: This book has been sold.



20179 AnimalLandontheAir by Frees, photos.

Animal Land on the Air.

A series of very short intertwined stories, bringing radio, motorcars, and planes into Animal Land, and beginning with A Young Matron, thinking sadly of her husband, Archingback Stripes, reported missing in action in World War I, we presume. Frees has written an interesting preface on animal photography: most suitable are kittens from six to ten weeks of age, as their attention is caught by sight, while a puppy's is distracted by sound. [White 745] NOTE: This book has been sold.



20286 Marjorie's Little Doll School by Patten Beard, photo illus.

Marjorie's Little Doll School.

A delightful tale in which the author, Emma Patten Beard, and her young friend "Marjorie" create an elaborate game in which Marjorie's dolls go to boarding school, presided over by the charming Miss Littledoll and three teachers. Beard herself attended Bradford Academy in Massachusetts near the turn of the century, and her memories of a peaceful prewar life away at school are exact and loving. The little girl's sewing ability is quite impressive. Early photographic illustration (Mus White 488)  Embossed gold foil emblem, Page & Shaw, Boston laid in.
Note: This book is SOLD.



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