20944 ReallyBabies by Brownell, photo illustrated.

Really Babies, with illustrations reproduced from photographs taken by the author.

Very charming early photos of young children, posed but quite relaxed. Ladies' Home Journal 1902, after the publication of Dream Children: "A comparatively new worker in photography, Mrs. Brownell is meeting with great success in the rich but hitherto almost untouched field of the art as applied to book illustration. Among the children of the poor she has found her most effective material, and with a sympathetic touch she fills her studies with much of the poetic pathos which is frequently the attribute of humble lives. Mrs. Brownell’s photographs are the result of patient study. Her models are often first sketched in pencil for composition, and they are always carefully trained both for pose and expression." The poems facing are not memorable. Note: This book has been sold.



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