The Story of Delicia.

The Story of Delicia.

A matter-of-fact rag doll writes of her first days with her mama, a busy little girl of about five. Photos of Delicia, her mama, and her new stuffed friends on every spread. Adolphus, of Delicia and Adolphus, appears at the end. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



20180 The Pussycat Princess by Anthony, illus photos Frees.

The Pussycat Princess.

"The Pussycat Princess asks and receives from her royal father permission to go out into the world, taking whatever risks may befall, but for one night only." Thirty-two photographs of real puppies and kittens elaborately dressed and posed to illustrate the story. [White 576].



20315 MarjoriesLiteraryDolls by Beard, photo illus.

Marjorie's Literary Dolls.

The story of Mr. George Abihad Wolsen, a real doll belonging to Emma Beard Patten's young friend, "Marjorie"; he and his family live in a large white dollhouse (these are 10 or 11" dolls) and writes up a storm. Unlike the sequel, Marjorie's Little Doll School, this story is mostly about adults, so it has a kind of Young Visiters quality. The author and her young friend imagine/play the story as they go along. Early photographic illustration. (Mus White 460) .Note: This book has been SOLD.



The French Boy.

A delightful fantasy in photographs by Maurois' son, about a young boy who wishes to be a dog and gets his wish. He becomes a handsome Irish Setter and goes around with the family dog, a Cocker Spaniel. A picture of French daily life in the 50's.



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