Un tout petit cochon

A fantasy told to the author by her turtle, in which the little pig Cochonnet is so embarrassed when he's called on to recite that he wants disappear. He does, visits a magical land both kind and frightening, and becomes a good student when he returns. The story inspires some of Ségur's most whimsical illustrations full of beautiful colour and detail. An amusing view of a traditional French school.



Fuzzy Friends, Irma Wilde, ill.

Fuzzy Friends.

Very bright big 40's baby animals.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



17587 The Story of the Little Red Hen/Old Woman illus Richardson.

The Story of the Little Red Hen/The Story of the Old Woman and Her Pig.

Story tales opposite coloured pictures in a book made for small hands. Note: This book has been sold.



Portly McSwine, written and illustrated by James Marshall.

Portly McSwine.


With one day to plan, Portly McSwine worries his way through each aspect of his National Snout Day party. It is a smashing success! Marshall shows the hopes and fears of this conscientious pig with masterly drawings which only look simple.



19630 Yummers! by James Marshall.


Emily Pig was tired of jumping rope to loose weight, so she and her friend Eugene Turtle went walking. Unfortunately Emily's willpower weakened as she saw all the good food along the way: pizza! Eskimo Pies! Girl Scout Cookies! Candied Apples! Yummers! Emily got a tummy ache from all that walking.




20233 Christmas Eve At the Mellops' by Ungerer.

Christmas Eve At the Mellops'.

The fourth Mellops book. Casimir, Isidor, Felix, and Ferdinand, the Mellop pig children, have a sad moment when they realize they have all brought the family surprise Christmas trees, but they rally and soon fill an entire apartment house with joy.



20294 Roland the Minstrel Pig by Steig

Roland the Minstrel Pig.

Steig's first book for children appeals directly to them with a grand plot. Roland venture out from his safe and loving community of animals with his lute and finds loneliness, fear, and eventual happiness playing for the King.



20305 The Tale of Pigling Bland by Potter.

The Tale of Pigling Bland.

Wonderful little sketches of pigs! Written as BP settled down to farming, She used little pigs as models, and she drew herself as a farmer on p. 22. This book found with another brown paper copy with the G. A. Schwarz, Philadelphia seal. (The toy store owned by a brother of F. A. O. Schwarz.)



Paddy Finds a Job, A Pop-Up by John Goodall.

Paddy Finds a Job, A Pop-Up by John Goodall.

The wordless pop-up spreads move swiftly along, from Paddy the Pig's first appearance in the kitchen, to the elegant restaurant, to Paddy's suave service to patrons, to, of course, disaster! Goodall uses the medium skillfully to tell a story. Note: This book has been sold.



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