The Pirates' Mixed-Up Voyage by Margaret Mahy, Margaret Chamberlain, ill.

The Pirates' Mixed-Up Voyage.

"Take a floating teashop-ship, staffed by would-be pirates, a wicked professor, and a parrot named Toothpick....." Another Mahy pirate tale!



The Bold Bad Buccaneers. McClelland, Hugh. St. Martin's  Press/Macmillan (1968)

The Bold Bad Buccaneers.

The daily life of very, very evil pirates ... but what will happen when they capture a boat with only children aboard? Children whose parents had expelled them from their country? "The Pirate Chief said he had never heard of anyone doing such a TERRIBLE thing and ordered his pirate crew to sail the children's ship to (the pirate's) Tropical Island." Life changes. Imagine High Wind in Jamaica with a happy ending! Brief text, funny pictures all in red, black, and white, by a writer and cartoonist originally from South Africa, and working in Toronto. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Bears, Pirates and Silver Lace.

Stories passed down from early California.



Jolly Roger by Pinkwater.

Jolly Roger, Dog of Hoboken.

"With the confidence of a biographer who knows his subject to be heroic, DP tells of JR's formative days on the Matilda Magoo, & of his later adventures in Hoboken, where he met The Kid and Marvin the Ape,and he lived, for a time, in a car wash." dw  We couldn't show the pictures in this book, as it is so tight, but there are many. Note: This book has been sold.



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