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One, Two and Three Kittens. anon. James & Jonathan (1948)

One, Two and Three Kittens.

The shape kittens on the covers have nice expressions and huge eyes, and they are very prettily dressed. The kittens in the rambling stories have shed their clothes. Quite an unusual little piece. Note: This book has been sold.



Alice's Adventures...Cut-out Pictures Carroll/Greene after Tenniel, Cupples 1917

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland With Cut-Out Pictures in Colors.

Very attractive little umber silhouettes surround each page. The cut out opportunities are limited to one page, the frontis. I have seen a reference to a printing with more plates, but have not seen it listed. We happen to have another similar to this listed on the site in lesser condition $70 (search). Note: This book has been SOLD



 Ark That Glue Built. Clara Williams/George Williams, ill. Stokes 1908/1908.

The Ark That Glue Built.

Magnificent pictures of the animals: constructing the ark, running toward it in a storm, drowning in the flood, sitting at dinner in the ark, playing, dancing, conferring with Noah, and racing off onto dry land two by two. Apparently done by a careful older child, so that the cutting of the black lines is not perfect and a few of the placements are debatable, but a wonderful piece and hard to find in this series.



Doll House, a Rainbow Playbook.

Doll House, a Rainbow Playbook.

NOTE: This Book Has Been SOLD.



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