Christmas Stories by Lois Lenski.

Lois Lenski's Christmas Stories.

A collection of nine Christmas stories from Lois Lenski's books with their illustrations, also two new stories, and a Christmas nativity play called the Visit of the Shepherds, narrated by a modern boy and girl. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



20575 Lollipop Princess by Estes.

The Lollipop Princess.

In Estes' book, The Moffats, Jane Moffat wrote this play for her paper puppet people and first performed it outside of Rufus's window,which was raised a crack so he could watch while he lay in bed with scarlet fever. Estes cut the play itself from the original manuscript of the Moffats, and here it is. .Note: This book has been sold.



A Midsummer Night's Dream intro story, adapted, illus  by Lucy Fitch Perkins

A Midsummer Night's Dream for young people.

Perkins is best know for her twins series, but she also illustrated a about eight lovely larger books, of which this is one of the most elaborate. Her introductory story concerns Shakespeare and the play told from the point of view of his younger brother fresh to London. Perkin's illustrations and the play itself depend on Titania and Puck and the Players with their marvellous rendition of Pyramis and Thisbe. Just right for sixth grade actors! Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



New Plays for Every Day the Schools Celebrate.

From The Joys of the New Year: A New Play in One Act for New Year's Day to One Country, One Flag, One Language: A New Play in One Act for Roosevelt's Birthday. Also Poet's Birthday, Patriotic Play for Any Occasion, Graduation Plays, etc.



The Glass Slipper by Eleanor and Herbert Farjeon, H. Stevenson, illus.

The Glass Slipper.

A play written for the Christmas Season. Note: This book has been SOLD.



14855 A Cracker Bon-Bon by Brouch, ill Hine.

A Cracker Bon-Bon for Christmas parties.

A book of selections for amateur theatricals, "the very thing for the front drawing room": King Alfred and the Cakes, a new take on William Tell, a Christmas Croak set to God Rest Ye... All got up so no sets are needed but "descriptive placards in the Elizabethan style" Many funny little drawings  of the productions with faint outlines of furniture in the background. Not an uncommon book, people must have bought multiple copies for performance, so go ahead and tape the back hinge for an amusing stocking present.



Fairyland & Footlights. by Jagendorf, Stephen Haweis, ill. 1925

Fairyland & Footlights.

Five plays, some of which were previously produced, with production notes by the author. For each play, a half-title, then a black and white illustration.
Note: This book has been SOLD.



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