22195 Willie P. Shelton's Books, homemade spines and stitches.

Willie P. Shelton's Books, A little boy's library 1870s.

A little child's library, much loved and all in absolutely terrible condition. Clearly Bad Boy Bob was Willie's favorite! And no wonder. Note the glasses Willie has added to all the boys in the center spread. Someone, perhaps Willie's sister, has attempted to repair the damage by covering all the book spines, and even a long tear, with strips of patterned material of the day, as well as taking large orange stitches in the tears. A charming glimpse into the world of children and books almost 150 years ago. Institutional discount.



Tenggren's Night Before Christmas.

Tenggren's Night Before Christmas.

Nice blocky, generous sized pictures, with cute Tenggren children and a more conventional Santa. Stuffed toys under the tree include a Tawny Scrawny lion and a Poky Little Puppy! Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Schnick Schnack; Oscar Pletsch, illustrator. Routledge, [1867/1866 Germany].

Schnick Schnack; Trifles for Little Ones.

Engaging coloured pictures, observations of the mischievous, pretty children of prosperous families. Frontis and title pages have borders of foxgloves, harebells, daffodils and vines.Very difficult to choose just a few pictures; there are more! Poems probably in-house rather than translations of the German.



22289 Die Sternenmühle. - Busta/Grüger (1959)

Die Sternenmühle.

Bright colorful illustrations surround each of the poems.



20069 The Night Before Christmas von Hofsten.

The Night Before Christmas.

Von Hofsten's illustrations show the old-fashioned tiny Santa, who fits the chimney well. The title poem is laid out on four pages; most of the other poems, of varying length, are Christmas poems. Definitely the later Pleasant Hour version. The book was given to Ruth Van Doren; laid in is her charming 3rd grade handwritten assignment on The Oyster, in careful cursive written with a straight pen in ink, and also her stencil of an apple, this in Fine condition. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



Cricket in a Thicket.

Poems about a child's wonder at nature. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Come on into My Tropical Garden, poems for Children.

Play moonlight/and the red crabs dance/their scuttle-foot dance/on the mud-packed beach/Play moonlight/and the red crabs dance/their sideways dance/to the soft-sea beat/Play moonlight/and the red crabs dance/their bulb-eye dance/their last crab dance



Old Mother Hubbard by Galdone.

Old Mother Hubbard and Her Dog.

In this cozy version, the old woman and her dog are great friends. This book has been SOLD



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