Bajki. (K. Czukowski)

Bajki. (K. Czukowski)

Eight long poems for children, illustrated with fanciful animals and insects. By the author/illustrator pair who did Dla Dzieci for Czytelnik in 1955.



Pajaro-cu-cu. (Ingrid Wolf and Gertraut Fuchs)

Pajaro-cu-cu. (Ingrid Wolf and Gertraut Fuchs)

Short poems from all around the world illustrated in vibrant colour and broad strokes. Note: This book has been sold.



Nursery Rattle for Little Folks. Huber/Faber, ill.Claxton...1873/1872, presm 1st

The Nursery Rattle for Little Folks.

Many, many rhymes, reminiscent of nursery rhymes, but gentler, and quite well done. The illustrations are by a German American artist primarily known for medical illustration and his "Death of Lincoln" There must be an interesting story behind this book.



Little Rhymes for Little Readers. Seegmiller/Hallock. Rand McNally, 1903.

Little Rhymes for Little Readers.

A very large book, nicely illustrated on every page, monochrome illustrations and marginalia. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



El Bombo de Bambu by Olivera / Iribarren, ill. Emece Editores, 1952, 1st pr.

El Bombo de Bambu.

A delightful compilation of the author's own poems as well as ones he has loved since childhood, in several languages, illustrated with small bright paintings, with a spectacular center fold. Note: This book has been sold.



At Christmas Time by Worth, illus by Frasconi.

At Christmas Time.

Christmas "Tree Lot/Weary of glare And clatter, Slush and exhaust,/We stop for breath In this hushed Miraculous grove,/Haunted by scents Of distant Forests and hills/And a ghostly Unforgettable Savor of happiness."About 50 poems. Coloured woodcuts by a master. (Much more easily appreciated if the jpg is opened to full screen. Just click on the photo.)



19475 Blumen-KInder - Erica von Kager


A very pretty set of paintings by a Swiss artist of imaginary flower and insect people set in fields, meadows, fields, and a garden.



20237 When Mother Was a Little Girl by Blanchard, Ida Waugh illus.

When Mother Was a Little Girl.

Poems liberally illustrated, with the subjects sometimes posed, at other times surprisingly spontaneous, including a poem about children pretending to be three bears in the grown ups' heavy coats! Always in Nister's beautiful deepest colours. According to the Hunts, probably one of the last books Ernest Nister himself supervised before his death on 1909.


21447 Another Brownie Book by Cox.

Another Brownie Book, "Our Second Book"

24 Brownie Stories, among them: The Brownies' Snow-Man, in the Orchard, Yacht Race, Niagara Falls, Dancing School, Locomotive etc. Brownies on the Canal seems to be the story of how the Brownies addressed a work stoppage in a labor dispute on the Erie Canal. "... We lack the might/ To set the wrongs of labor right,/But by the power within us placed/ We'll see that nothing goes to waste." This second book used stories previously appearing in Wide Awake, St. Nicholas and the Ladies' Home Journal, when the little people were well known and loved by children, but before the Brownies became an advertising fixture. We have both The Brownies and Another Brownie Book once belonging to Mary Bland Robertson of New Jersey (b. 1895, m Edward Ingersoll Brown); we would prefer to keep the books together. Please inquire.
NOTE: This book has been sold.



The Citadel of a Hundred Stairways.

"On the terraced mountain side lived Titu, a Quechuan Indian boy, with his family in their tiny home. Then came the American Mr. Selden, seeking a way to remove gold from his mines by using underground water systems. And with him was his son, Tony."



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