polar bear

20981 What Is Right for Tulip by Duvoisin.

What is Right for Tulip...

A somewhat tongue in cheek guide to good manners, with a very charming polar bear!
NOTE: This book has been sold.



20330 Eisbärli by Bohatta-Morpurgo.

Eisbarli. (Barli the Ice Bear)

The snowy day of very appealing little polar bear and his brother in his daily life, ending with him asleep and dreaming, his little orange slippers by his side. These books, reissued from 1949 to 1955, have their own style, paper boards rather than pasted on plates, jackets, and, with this title, fewer illustrations. (Bode #94)
Note: This Book Has Been Sold..



Little White Fox and His Arctic Friends.

The scenes of Arctic animals, all in blues and tans with pale orange accents, give charm to this little book. Note: This book has been sold.



Mrs. Pepperpot to the Rescue.




Tiny Tutak (Eventyr om Vesle Tutak)

Tiny Tutak wants to hunt just like his father Big Tutak so he captures a huge walrus with the help of his animal friends. Wonderful ink drawings on a very white background with red and blue touches on the clothes and ice shadows. Note: This book has been sold.



The Book of the Animal Kingdom; Mammals.

"Fourteen coloured and 260 plain plates chiefly from photographs of the living animals."



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