22480 Golden Book for our Children, Bozhinov, illus..Bulgaria,1st (Zlatna kniga)

A Golden Book .... Златна книга за наши дети, Bulgaria: 1921, 1st , A. Bozhinov.

A classic Bulgarian children's book in the original elegant edition. Animal cartoons, and traditional country scenes, as well as pictures of modern children, illustrate this collection of 19 little stories in verse by famous Bulgarian writers, the author himself, Elin Pelin and others. Bozhinov, who was also a master of political caricature, infused his work for children with warmth and cheer. A treasure. Thanks to the University of Oregon Special Collections for translation.



17466 Sleepy ABC Brown illus Slobodkina

Sleepy ABC.

A lovely book with wonderful deep colours. The text from each letter is repeated on a page at the end and makes a touching goodnight poem.



The Very Young Mother Goose (Margot Austin)

The Very Young Mother Goose (Margot Austin)

Simple direct coloured illustrations in black outline showing modern children at play with many of the old rhymes. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



The Funny Thing.

The Funny Thing.

How Bobo devised a delicious recipe that would cure the little dragon of his craving for dolls forever. An inexpensive copy of this classic, quite attractive inside. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



22022 Katt-Resan Bilderbook 1955/1909, pb

Katt-Resan Bilderbok.

A funny little girl sits astride her cat with a driving whip (which she doesn't use on the cat) as they go off on adventures. A very modern seeming book written for the author's little girl in 1909. Minimal text. Lots of white space. A little classic.

This 1955 paperback copy very tight. The pictures of the interior illustrations are taken from our  hardcover 1923/1909 copy. The pictures are exactly the same size but the older pictures have a more nuanced, less orange, cast.



20863 Ginger Charlotte Voake.


"Charlotte Voake knows all about cats and their peculiar ways as the reader of this dear and funny book will soon find out." Watercolour and ink in browns, gingers, mauve, and greeny blue on creamy paper, unusual colours for a little child's books which work very well.



19820 Timid Timothy Gweneira Williams/ Leonard Weisgard.

Timid Timothy.

Weisgard fills the pages of this small book almost to the edges, so that the creatures which frighten Timothy seem to lurk with real menace, even though the small listener knows they are harmless.



22308 Die Kleine Prinxessen  - Elizabeth von Rummel. 1950's/1936

Die kleine Prinzessin.

An adventure for preschoolers. The happy little princess plays with the animals in the woods but then finds herself alone late at night and worried. A nice old woman rescues her and takes her back to her parents in the morning. Very sweet pictures, binding too tight to scan them.



19902 Jay Bird by Ets.

Jay Bird.

A lovely copy of this gentle book for young children, with pictures of the animals the little boy encounters on his walk to school, each set in a dark blue oval background like the one on the jacket.



20090 The Little Elephant by Williamson illus Hader.

Little Elephant.

A charming little book! Told in the first person by the little elephant, whose life revolves around his great mother. With expressive pictures on every page above the short text; four coloured pictures, incl. frontis.
Note: This book has been sold.



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