17466 Sleepy ABC Brown illus Slobodkina

Sleepy ABC.

A lovely book with wonderful deep colours. The text from each letter is repeated on a page at the end and makes a touching goodnight poem.



The Very Young Mother Goose (Margot Austin)

The Very Young Mother Goose (Margot Austin)

Simple direct coloured illustrations in black outline showing modern children at play with many of the old rhymes. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



The Funny Thing.

The Funny Thing.

How Bobo devised a delicious recipe that would cure the little dragon of his craving for dolls forever. An inexpensive copy of this classic, quite attractive inside. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



20433 Nursery Pets Saalfield Felt Book

Nursery Pets. (Saalfield's Felt Books)

On each page, a short poem and a large full coloured picture "Polly wants a cracker? Polly does of course,/Run and fetch it quick/Or she'll scream until she's hoarse." The publisher's trim on this book appears to be 3/16" too close on the top side, affecting the letters R and Y and also the red margin on the back, but not the interior pages. The felt gives a soft depth of colour and takes fine line very well. These rather rare, turn of the century felt books appear to have been produced in both muslin and felt.



22180 My Own Book by Tony Brice

My Own Book.

Big, rounded, baby animals with big eyes for a baby to gaze at.



22208 Let's Be Friends Peggy cloth

Let's Be Friends.

Actually all of these animals would appear on an ordinary farm except the monkey, but he seems right at home. On the back cover: "All these friends are good to you,/ Now let's see what YOU can do." Despite cloth book claims, washing removes the sizing and they don't iron well.



19558 Playmates Sam'l Gabriel 1948


Two and three year olds playing with dolls and sand, just the children and the objects they're using, so the little paintings really stand out. The doubled fabric also makes the pictures brighter, no show through.



(I Can Count) 1 2 3 in Arabic

(I Can Count) 1 2 3 in Arabic

Dick Bruna's appealing drawings are recognized and loved world wide. Here is an Arabic Version of I Can Count (1-12), an unusual Bruna book in lovely condition. 



Read-with-Miffy Frieze.



22022 Katt-Resan Bilderbook 1955/1909, pb

Katt-Resan Bilderbok.

A funny little girl sits astride her cat with a driving whip (which she doesn't use on the cat) as they go off on adventures. A very modern seeming book written for the author's little girl in 1909. Minimal text. Lots of white space. A little classic.

This 1955 paperback copy very tight. The pictures of the interior illustrations are taken from our  hardcover 1923/1909 copy. The pictures are exactly the same size but the older pictures have a more nuanced, less orange, cast.



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