21706 Baby's Own Primer, with choice pictures.

Baby's Own Primer, with choice pictures.

An interesting, uncommon alphabet book and reader in bad condition, the fine coated linen allowing good printings of the nicely chosen house illustrations, and oversized syllabified print in the stories. Many dogs, hounds, a very large dog with his eyes on his mistress's cake, and a little terrier.

For Newfoundland dog lovers: "Wasn't it nice that lit-tle Bert had such a friend when he fell in-to the wa-ter? A big, shag-gy friend with long sil-ky ears, a black nose, and a great mouth ... Bru-no sprang right in too, and got him and laid him on the ground, and ran to the house af-ter Bert's folks", probably a true story!




Little Pets Linen ABC.

Little Pets Linen ABC.

A first primer, with three examples of each initial letter sound in the small pictures "Quaker, Quail, Quiver" and CVC words and sentences to practice on, ending with a simple story. The front cover gives an interesting message about the value of learning to read!



Wiggles by Pennell.


A charming little book which is actually a first grade reader. Energetic little pictures of Bob and his Scottie dog.  NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



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