22355 The Princess and the Goblin, MacDonald, F.D. Bedford,

The Princess and the Goblin. Macdonald, F D Bedford illus.

Our favorite illustrations from childhood for this marvelous book. Curdie's courage and modesty, the sweet, curious princess, and the great-great-grandmother watching over all are never forgotten.



22303 Prinzesschen im Walde - Sibylle von Olfers.

Prinzesschen im Walde.

Beautiful pictures of the princess and the little people of the wood and the stars who cared for her.



22308 Die Kleine Prinxessen  - Elizabeth von Rummel. 1950's/1936

Die kleine Prinzessin.

An adventure for preschoolers. The happy little princess plays with the animals in the woods but then finds herself alone late at night and worried. A nice old woman rescues her and takes her back to her parents in the morning. Very sweet pictures, binding too tight to scan them.



20575 Lollipop Princess by Estes.

The Lollipop Princess.

In Estes' book, The Moffats, Jane Moffat wrote this play for her paper puppet people and first performed it outside of Rufus's window,which was raised a crack so he could watch while he lay in bed with scarlet fever. Estes cut the play itself from the original manuscript of the Moffats, and here it is. .Note: This book has been sold.



21456 The Little Princess in the Wood by Fish, Sibylle von Olfers.

The Little Princess in the Wood.

Princess Rosemary woke up early and played in the wood with the animals, the birds, and little Nature Children, familiar from The Root Children Wake Up. A very beautiful fantasy. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



8656 Fortune - Stanley.


A funny Persian tale, with large jewel-like illustrations. Omar heads off to the city to marry the princess, and with the help of a beautiful dancing tiger makes his fortune, but at the end he returns to his wise betrothed in the village. Intricate pictures in the style of Persian miniatures. A picture book for older children.



7242 The Serpent's Teeth - Farmer/Connor.

The Serpent's Teeth.

.Cadmus searched for the Princess Europa who has been abducted by the great white bull.



3517 The Princess of the Rice Fields - KImishima.

The Princess of the Rice Fields.

An Indonesian folk tale from Java in which a princess is turned into a rice plant by her angry father, a God, so she will not be with her young lover on earth.



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