20179 AnimalLandontheAir by Frees, photos.

Animal Land on the Air.

A series of very short intertwined stories, bringing radio, motorcars, and planes into Animal Land, and beginning with A Young Matron, thinking sadly of her husband, Archingback Stripes, reported missing in action in World War I, we presume. Frees has written an interesting preface on animal photography: most suitable are kittens from six to ten weeks of age, as their attention is caught by sight, while a puppy's is distracted by sound. [White 745] NOTE: This book has been sold.



Black Beauty: as told by Uncle Mal for today's boys and girls.

Bernice Magnie, an Art Instructor, educator, and collector, from the Far West, illustrated only this and Sondo a Liberian Boy. Her Black Beauty might have been thought too sophisticated for its intended audience, as quite a few nice ones in jacket survive. However, the illustrations are gorgeous, swirling black and green lithographic crayon. They are stylized but show an affinity for horses: she's got the way they lean into people they love. Sewall's story is retold for young children by Uncle Mal, who retold stories "in a modern manner... on his famous Radio Hour." NOTE: This Book has been sold.



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