21246 Mouse and his Child by Russell Hoban, ill Lillian Hoban.

The Mouse and His Child.

A broken clockwork mouse and child follow the child's dream of a home and family. Hailed as a classic when it appeared, this is a complex fantasy, full of logical tricks and high adventure. "A rich, disturbing, very touching book" Kirkus. This edition, not uncommon, has always been puzzling to date, it looks newer than 1967 but is certainly early, pre ISBN; it does not feel like a book club.



I Am Leaper.

Leaper, a kangaroo rat, came to the Environmental Research lab on a mission, to communicate with humans and enlist their help in defeating "the monster." Using a tape, scientists could understand her, but she and Julian could transmit thoughts. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



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