rich and poor

20520 Willie the Squowse by Allan, Quentin Blake ill.

Willie the Squowse.

A sane squirrel tries to do good in a crazy human world. This enchanting tale from a Canadian playwright won The Times Story Competition and was first printed in the Times Saturday Review; here published with many illustrations.



16745 An Hour in the Morning by Cooper.

An Hour in the Morning.

At twelve, Kate passes her early school leaving exam and goes into service with a kind, prosperous farm family. Details of domestic life told convincingly from the point of view of people contented with their lot weave through this gentle story. Followed by  A Time in a City.



The Bears' Christmas Surprise.

All the forgotten teddy bears come together from toy store shelves and toy boxes on Christmas with a plan  to help people remember the lonely ones on this day.



20438 A Flying Saucer Full of Spaghetti by Krahn.

A Flying Saucer Full of Spaghetti.

Wordless. A Robin Hood tale for the very young. One little girl is hungry and poor, another little girl faces a huge pile of boring spaghetti. Enter the little blue elves and their flying saucer! NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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